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Receive smart macro suggestions, extracted automatically
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Create smarter macros. Spend more time at the beach.chilling.solving puzzles.

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Automate Duplicate Tickets

Handle duplicate tickets intelligently, without doing extra work.

Resolve Always On Time

Snooze and set custom reminders for each ticket individually.

Scale Away The Competition

Increase your resolution capacity without hiring more staff.

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Better macros means better service.

  • Empower your agents with automation suggestions.
  • More and smarter macros for faster resolved tickets.
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Solve the right ticket at the right time.

  • Allow your agents to snooze tickets and set reminders.
  • Enable intelligent notifications based on KPI performance.
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Help millions of customers with just a handful of agents.

  • Automate the bulk and focus your efforts on quality of service.
  • Free up your support staff to help make your product better.
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