Tell your customers what they need to know,
even before they ask.

Deflect incoming service requests with smart solutions,
extracted straight out of your ticket history.

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Resolve customer issues proactively. Spend more time at the beach.chilling.solving puzzles.

Integrate Cupenya into your customer support page and put working solutions at your customer's fingertips, 24/7.

Deflect Duplicate Tickets

Save your support team from the horror of solving the same issue over and over again.

Solve Around The Clock

Ensure your customers have access to high quality support, even when you're not around.

Scale Away The Competition

Provide the highest standard customer service without breaking the bank.

Learn how to empower your self-service with Cupenya's Customer Story Board

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You already have all the answers. Now set them free.

  • Provide customers with the ultimate self-service portal, which maintains itself with all your latest solutions.
  • Inform your customers proactively and minimize dissatisfaction.
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Break the service speed record with your feet on your desk.

  • Artificial intelligence keeps your Help Center up to date and optimally effective.
  • Deliver working solutions around the globe, at any time. Even if you're asleep.
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Help millions of customers with just a handful of agents.

  • Focus your efforts on quality of service, while the quantity takes care of itself.
  • Free up your support staff to work on making your product better.
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