Using Zendesk dashboards in Cupenya is an excellent means of monitoring support performance, ensuring that the numbers important to hitting internal support targets are visible and transparent and that customer needs, be they internal or …

Smart Self-Service: How to Help Customers in Your Sleep

You don’t need to be awake all the time to give stellar customer service Taking your business globally, which in this day and age could be on day one, means having to provide service to your customers around the clock. It’s imperative that you answer inquiries quickly and effectively, it’s the very least your customers

Scale Smart and Stay Afloat: How to manage costs in your customer support operation

For every up-and-coming company that has had its first touch with success and is beginning to scale, customer service becomes of paramount importance. Unlocking the secret to scaling customer acquisition and successful sales means that the priority shifts towards retention. And the key element in fending off customer churn is consistent, high-quality service. Normally, this