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Agents hold the vital responsibility of satisfying the needs of a customer in as short amount of time as possible on the first try. Enhancing agent productivity can seem like an overwhelming task but is critical for maintaining happy customers. It is one of the most important metrics to pay attention to since acquiring new, loyal customers is expensive. Given this importance, we’ve prepared a five tips that are sure to boost agents productivity so that your customers stay smiling.

1. Increase agent participation

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the more undervalued a person feels, the more unmotivated they are to preform to the best of their ability. The same can be said for agents. A common observation from call center managers is that the more an agent feels they are valued, the more motivated and engaged with their work they become, resulting in a huge boost in productivity. An easy way to make your agents feel they are a vital member of the team is to increase their participation in decision making. A simple example of how you could achieve this is to include them in team meetings, a simple change that will bring immense value.

2. Leverage Idle time

Agents are idle an average of 53 minutes per day, that’s nearly 5 hours of paid time lost per agent each week. That’s a lot of wasted hours and money! Which is why it is beyond important to leverage this idle time. Turning these inactive hours into productive ones is not as complicated as it may seem, it can be as simple as filling idle time with off-phone activities or trainings. Gone are the days of wasted time!

3. Provide agents with real time metrics

Agents that have access to real time information such as how many callers are in the queue, waiting times in the queue, the status of other agents, average abandonment time, etc., are found to be much more productive. Providing agents with this type of information allows them to adapt accordingly and make more informed decisions on the fly. Most importantly, providing agents with this information makes it possible for them to prevent bad situations from either happening or escalating by taking immediate corrective action. Not only does this reduce operating costs, it enhances the customer experience and drives satisfaction.

4. Give agents the right information at the right time

Ticket handling time is one of the biggest factors influencing customer satisfaction rates. How long it takes an agent to find the necessary information drastically impacts the handling time, mainly due to the fact that agents have to search multiple systems to find the relevant information. It simply takes too long. Providing agents with software that integrates business tools to provide them with comprehensive information about the caller can significantly reduce handling times and increase agent productivity. When agents have all of the information they need in front of them right as they are receiving the call, they are better equipped to resolve the customer’s issue quickly and on the first try. Resulting in a very happy customer.

5. Boost agent autonomy

Allowing agents to have a certain degree of autonomy can majorly boost both agent and call center productivity. By giving your agents a bit of independence, it is likely to boost their confidence and motivate them to deliver to the best of their ability. Equipping agents with more progressive software while allowing them enough autonomy opens the doors to providing personalized service.


As maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is the main priority for most companies, ensuring your agents are as equipped as possible to deliver an outstanding customer experience becomes critical. It goes beyond asking them to work longer hours. Managers need to ensure that agents have the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve a blissful experience, and feel that what they are doing means something. We can’t expect an agent to make a customer feel valued if the agent does not feel valued themselves. If you can tackle these focus areas with care, you will reap huge benefits in agent productivity.