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Cupenya is proud to announce that we were selected as one of the young bull winners of the Bully Awards at White Bull 2014! This means Cupenya is recognized as a company that shows progress on revenue and funding. White Bull Summits selected 30 finalists to compete in the fifth annual summit and awards ceremony. The Bully Awards have been called the “Oscars of European Tech”, and we are very happy to have been apart of it.

Now in their fifth year, White Bull and a panel of renowned Industry Analysts, Journalists, Academics, and Experts have been combing the Tech Innovation landscape across Europe, in search of Europe’s Bright “Tech” Stars, who have demonstrated excellence in innovation, leadership, and growth potential. This year, White Bull not only rewarded start-up firms; they also honored the individuals who shine, and those who have supported the European Innovation Ecosystem – The investors, the VCs, the angels, the services firms, the mentors, and supporters of entrepreneurship.

Find the list with all finalists on the White Bull website.