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“We are always talking about products, which is important, but first and foremost it is the team

Dominik Blattner, CEO of Cupenya

What Cupenya Stands For

Our team is very important to us – we believe in creating a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our team is built of strong characters with strong opinions – we believe that more variety brings better improvement.

We believe it is of utmost importance to always keep the customer in mind, which for us, translates to having the best interface for the end user, scalable software, and delivering impeccable service.

We believe in supporting each other and working together — everyone has specific roles and is responsible for their roles but help is always given when needed. We provide endless opportunities for team collaboration such as monthly hackathons, developer’s lunch, and testing of new technologies.

No voice goes unheard at Cupenya. Everyone is able to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns and do so freely, which is why we recently transitioned to using an adapted version of holacracy. We aim to bring transparency to our customers, so why not internally as well!

We like to have fun and we love to laugh together – we’ve even been told we laugh more than any other team in the entire building! We believe in the group therapy of table football and meal sharing.

We are proud of being a multifaceted and multicultural team. We are always learning from each other as everyone has something unique to offer.

We are optimistic. We are resourceful. And we believe only the best is good enough.

Why Company Culture is Important to Cupenya

The team is the backbone to our organization, and keeping our backbone healthy is critical to our continued success. We believe having a strong culture helps attract and attain great talent, and provides a fun, happy, and exciting work environment. All of which contribute to employees experiencing high morale and a positive attitude toward our company.

A strong culture creates a work environment that people enjoy and want to be part of, and will strive to be a part of that company’s success. When employees are happy within their workplace, they are more likely to develop a loyalty to that workplace, which we believe leads to an increase in productivity and a push to produce work of the highest quality.

Why Care About Your Company Culture

Every company has a culture. Your company culture is the formula that guides the team, and keeps the team inspired and motivated. It is the only truly unique identifier, as things like products, and strategies can be replicated.

A great company culture encourages employees to perform their best work while working together as a team to meet the needs of the company, which ultimately leads to the delivery of a quality product. In an unhealthy culture, employees act as individuals, and work to meet their own needs, such as a paycheck. Of course, paychecks matter but we believe purpose matters more.