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Cupenya is thrilled to announce we have been selected by our partners at IBM as the winner of the IBM Outstanding Cloud Bluemix Award for our performance in 2014.

This is following our recent integration with IBM’s next generation cloud platform, IBM Bluemix, to incorporate our business activity monitoring solution, Cupenya Insights, into the open cloud development platform. Cupenya Insights provides businesses with a data-driven foundation for operational decision-making, delivering predictive analytics and real-time visibility to increase business processes performance.


This is especially a great honor for us at Cupenya as we are the first IBM Global Entrepreneur startup worldwide to be featured as a service provider on the platform and couldn’t be prouder of having our stellar performance recognized. Big thanks to IBM! 

Want to learn more about Cupenya Insights running on Bluemix? Contact us today to learn how it can be applied to your business.