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dominik_IBMIt has been a truly amazing month for Cupenya, with our participation in the IBM SmartCamp in Berlin being one of our major achievements.

When we applied for the event back in August, we knew that we would be competing for places in the event with a good number of other innovative startups. So when we received word that Cupenya is selected to be one of five contenders, our team immediately got hard at work to make sure we have a strong and “punchy” six-minute pitch.

In the morning of September 26th our team, consisting of Dominik Blattner and Daniel Kunstel, participated in the first round of presentations at the SmartCamp. After familiarizing the mentors with the essence of our business and solution, Dominik and Daniel went through a round of advice from experienced entrepreneurs and investors to perfect the style and contents of our pitch. The improved presentations, which were delivered in the famous Berlin venue betahaus, impressed audience and jury alike and resulted in a very tight contest for the winner’s trophy.

In the end Cupenya finished behind the winners, and while this means we will not be able to continue to the next round of IBM’s competition, we receive this award as recognition for the strong and successful direction our company has taken.

We would like to sincerely thank IBM and their Global Entrepreneur program for the opportunity they gave Cupenya and for the continuous support they provide us with!

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