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Cupenya is thrilled to announce our team is quickly growing with three new amazing additions! Much like a football team, we’re snapping up top talent in the summer months, gearing up towards an exciting stretch ahead of us.


We’re elated to welcome Pascal van Dalen to the Cupenya family as our Director of Business Development. In this role, Pascal will be leading the sales foundation at Cupenya. He joins us from DoubleDutch, where he built up their EMEA sales operations and supported their hyper growth from 2 to 40 full time employees. Aside from his unmatched experience in all things sales, we love Pascal’s driven approach towards building up a sales machine. We’re beyond excited to have his knowledge and leadership on board.

Viktoriya Degeler is joining Cupenya as our new Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer. Viktoriya will be responsible for the research and development of machine learning, natural language processing and cognitive analysis. She joins us from Airbus, where she worked as a research engineer. Viktoriya completed her PHD in Smart Systems Automation and brings in troves of knowledge to Cupenya. We’re honoured to be adding someone as brilliant and accomplished as Viktoriya to our team.

Finally, Jeroen Rosenberg joins the Cupenya team as our new Senior Scala Developer. In this role, Jeroen will be leading the development team and responsible for all aspects around architecture development. Jeroen is a very gifted and passionate developer, as well as a master of all things Scala, and brings in a ton of knowledge and experience to the team. Best of all, Jeroen shares our passion for solving complex problems and continuous teaching and learning together with the team.