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The day is here, ladies and gentlemen. We are introducing the feature that will change operational intelligence forever. I am proud to present to you

Action Cards

In this new view added in Cupenya Insights 1.9, users are given the exact insights needed to take action – and action that matters.

Building on the foundation of every single existing capability of Cupenya Insights – process KPI monitoring, predictive analytics and performance data visualization – Action Cards bring to users a selection of work items that require actionThis includes orders that are predicted to end up delayed, or IT helpdesk tickets that are about to run late and break an expensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).


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Users each see individual Action Cards, based on their position in the service process, but also tailored to their specific skills, and fully customizable. For example, customer service agents will only see in their Action Cards the open tickets that are relevant to:

  • the customer accounts they are assigned
  • their level of expertise
  • their current workload
  • cards based on categories they have chosen to follow.

This requires a sophisticated routing of work items, which is where Cupenya’s machine learning capabilities come in. We are able to use the depth and breadth of your data to extract patterns of how work is done most efficiently, and teach our algorithms to always use the most optimal “route”. This includes choosing the most appropriate member of your team, at the right time, to solve the right problem.

The other major technical prerequisite to successful working Action Cards is prediction.


This is due to the way the impact of operational decisions declines as time goes by. Decisions based on a predictive notification leave plenty of time to take action before a critical event occurs. This is the only way to manage work proactively. Real-time alerting, even if useful to some extent, already falls into the reactive management category. And reports you get to look at on a weekly and monthly basis – they only help you to understand what went wrong and search for a solution in the future.

Why We Built This?

When looking at our own product, as well as other products on the market – both in operational intelligence and in analytics in general – we saw that there’s a huge gap between information and action. For many existing solutions, especially in Business Intelligence, actions are outside of the scope and purpose of the product. In Operational Intelligence, however, actions should be central to the value proposition.

And so we also came to the painful realisation that there is no value in operational information when it’s on its own. The real value is in actions. But without the guidance of Action Cards, this value is like a treasure without a map.

This metaphor very accurately illustrates what many businesses are doing to this day – they know there is a treasure out there, they look at their intelligence reports, and then struggle to find it. Sometimes they even go in the completely wrong direction, wasting resources and time, and not reaching any value whatsoever.

We wanted to change this, to give businesses access to a map that shows not just the location, but also the shortest route to the value buried underneath their operational data.

The Things To Come

The natural question that arises from the introduction of the Action Cards is “What will come next?”. Mainly, we are being asked if performing the actions that we suggest will be the logical next step – “Are we becoming a BPM solution”?

The answer is “no”.

We believe that there are many great solutions out there that handle the executional part of processes. Our vision for Cupenya has always been one of no-interference, a product in the position to inform and advise. Which, of course, doesn’t mean that we are not dedicated to improving our product, expanding its functionality, and developing it into a next generation artificial intelligence assistant for business operations.


If you are interested in seeing the Action Cards live, use the blue circle in the bottom right corner to get in touch with us. We would gladly demonstrate to you the full functionality of Cupenya Insights, tailored to your needs.