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Cupenya is pleased to announce our newest integration with IBM’s next generation cloud platform, IBM Bluemix, to incorporate our business activity monitoring solution, Cupenya Insights, into the open cloud development platform.

Cupenya on Bluemix

Cupenya is especially proud of this integration as we are the first IBM Global Entrepreneur startup worldwide to be featured as a service provider on IBM Bluemix, as well as the first third-party business analytics solution available in the IBM Bluemix catalog.

“We believe business analytics have an important place among the services offered in a development platform. Today business performance is at the core of every software development project, and developers know that they need to show that their product is doing its job on the business end”.

-Dominik Blattner, CEO & Co-founder at Cupenya

Our software, Cupenya Insights, enables cross-application monitoring within Bluemix. Cupenya Insights is used to monitor, analyze and predict the performance of business activities and processes within an organization by establishing a connection with all underlying software systems. Using the infrastructure provided by Bluemix to develop such systems, and Cupenya Insights to seamlessly integrate with Bluemix, it makes it possible for business process monitoring projects to roll out with a single click, allowing business application developers to provide their clients with powerful analytics without the lengthy planning and integration sessions. It directly coincides with the aim of Bluemix by indeed reducing the amount of time and resources used. Our solution was demonstrated during the annual CeBIT convention in Hannover, Germany. 

About Bluemix

Bluemix is an implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture and addresses the growing demand for simplicity in building cloud-based mobile and web applications. The vision of Bluemix is to address the needs and challenges of developers while in parallel, enabling businesses to leverage their resources in the most effective way possible. The Bluemix system aims to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on configuring infrastructure and multiple software licenses for both businesses and developers. Bluemix enables businesses to quickly adjust to their customer needs by allowing developers to coordinate different interoperable application services and tools.

In case you missed CeBIT 2015, contact us for a demo of Cupenya Insights running on Bluemix to learn how it can be applied to your business.