Using Zendesk dashboards in Cupenya is an excellent means of monitoring support performance, ensuring that the numbers important to hitting internal support targets are visible and transparent and that customer needs, be they internal or …

Infographic: The Customer Service Journey from Issue to Resolution

The customer service journey, from the perspective of the customer, should be the one thing that steers strategic decisions in a company’s support operations. Understanding the journey will help you balance between exposing options for direct contact, such as ticket creation windows and where to instead place searchable self-help resources. The below infographic attempts to depict this process

The Perils of Offering 24/7 Phone Support

Keep the customer happy at all costs. We hear this mantra often, and we almost come to believe in it. The first part, at least. The cost part… eh… not so much. The thing about effective customer service is its ability to handle scale. On one hand, you want to provide all your millions of

Ticket Deflection Savings: Calculating the ratios between self-service interactions, tickets deflected and costs avoided

Deflecting tickets is every customer service operation’s top priority. After all, the repercussions of ticket overload spread from department operational costs all the way to customer satisfaction, retention and revenue. Using self-service methodologies to effectively deflect tickets is nothing radical or new, but the numbers behind this are rarely discussed. What’s truly astonishing is the

Outdated FAQ pages: How is this still a thing?

These days almost every business has implemented some form of a Frequently Asked Questions page on their service or product website. It’s only natural to expose the very top portion of your knowledge base to users, so they can help themselves. After all, nobody wants to receive hundreds of customer service tickets daily about something