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We are proud to introduce a new functionality for bar charts in the reporting dashboard. With the release of Cupenya Insights 1.8.4, we are making it possible to break down data by an additional dimension in bar charts, also known as “bar splitting”.



By using this functionality, users can have a more granular view of data without having to individually drill down into every bar and manually explore it.


This is how it’s done:

  1. Open the “Edit” menu of your bar chart.
  2. In the Aggregation section, add the desired parameter to the “Split by” field.
  3. Press “Update”.


And now, let’s list some examples of how this feature can be put to use to answer questions about your data faster, easier and more accurately.


  • You have a bar chart about a count of customers in different local markets. You can split these bars by their type of subscription plan. Now you have a more granular understanding of your customer base in each market.
  • In your bar chart, you see the average length of customer service calls in your shared services centre for each individual agent. But you would like to know what the average lengths of these calls are depending on the type of ticket that was created as a result. You can split the bar chart by ticket type, and you will immediately see if a certain type of issue is responsible for longer calls.
  • In your dashboard, you have a bar chart for the average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for your accounts receivable for each account type. And you would like to see how are these averages influenced by the type of service sold. Just split the bar chart by service type and you will have your answer.

If you are interested in learning more about the splitting bar charts and creating amazing, informative reports, please get in touch using the blue chat button in the bottom right side of the screen!

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